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Visual KPI is a real-time operations monitoring and performance management software platform that lives on-premise or in your cloud. It reads from thousands of data sources and delivers KPIs, personalized dashboards, analytics and alerts to any device.

It puts the power of the operations center in the hands of everyone. A NOC in your pocket?

“When members of the executive staff check Visual KPI before doing anything else in the morning, you know it’s a must-have tool!”
Steve Noel, Director of IT

Eliminate Static Reporting

Reports are out of date by the time you get them, and they only tell you what happened after it’s too late. Visual KPI turns up the speed with real-time reporting so your teams are always in sync. KPIs with live status and color make things obvious so problems jump right off the page, and alerts tell users when to pay attention and help you catch minor issues before they become major ones.

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No Data Source Left Behind

Leave your data where it makes sense. Visual KPI reads data from thousands of industrial, business and IT data sources without moving the data or a long expensive project. Mix and match your data within the same KPI, or even single values calculated from multiple sources on the fly. Oh, and say goodbye to ETL. You’re welcome.

Historians | SQL/ODBC | business apps | web services | manual data | External data

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Power & Beauty = Usage

Real-time applications have traditionally been designed only for deeply trained engineers, requiring everyone else to ask the select few how things are going or waiting for a report. We leverage consumer app design and the context of KPIs to bring even the most sophisticated data to everyone from the CEO to field staff to engineers without the need for training.

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“We realized ROI in less than 6 months. Any time we avert an incident, we save hundreds of thousands of dollars to sometimes even millions.”

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John Ragone, Plant Process Optimization Manager



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