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About Transpara

“You guys are the best vendor I have ever worked with.”

Transpara Customer: AEP

Steve Mulroy, American Electric Power

Visual KPI is made and supported by people in 10 cities around the world, all with amazing skills, unique personalities, and a passion for customers, productivity and data.

We are a small but highly active group of contrarians who’ve been building and releasing industrial-strength enterprise software products for decades. We have thousands of releases under our belts and the battle scars to prove it.


We are a product company by design. Build it [properly] and they will come, right? Sure, we do some consulting when required, but we deliver as much of our expertise as possible right in the software. That means less effort for you and higher-value work for your partners.

Intentionally Small

Tiny teams are faster, more productive, produce higher-quality results and are more fun. We have no offices and leverage technology and automation wherever possible. This allows us to remain agile, support customers globally, and keeps costs low.


Crazy Responsive

Amazing, proactive support. We don’t just answer your questions via email, phone or chat. We’re always prepared to jump on a web meeting live and solve a problem or show you how something works together. Say goodbye to hunting and pecking through docs.


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Transpara: Serving Customers Globally Since 2005

A 15-year old startup?

We’ve recently escaped the “tween” stage and are settling into life as an awkward and rebellious teenager. Remember your smartphone from back in 2005? We do, and we were already shoving mission-critical real-time data into its browser before most people knew it had one. Needless to say, we’ve come a long way.

We’re fortunate enough to have happy customers in multiple industries and tens of thousands of users across the planet. We’re growing quickly, but if all goes to plan we’ll remain a small team delivering maximum value to our customers through deep product focus and amazing customer support.

If you buy our software, you can be assured that almost every dollar you spend goes directly into the product itself and not expensive offices, catered lunches, fancy trade shows or Superbowl ads.

Remember this? We do.

2005 Visual KPI Trend on Symbol Pocket PC Device

Take a Closer Look

Get your questions answered or a live demo without the sales pitch. We’ll arrange a web meeting to show you around and help you decide if Visual KPI is a good fit. If so, you can also try it with your own data for free.