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Decouple Directory Inheritance

To set security for each component of Virtual KPI separately, you need to decouple directory inheritance from the Visual KPI...
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Upgrade Visual KPI Sites

Upgrade Visual KPI sites using the Visual KPI Server Manager. You can upgrades sites individually, or upgrade all sites at...
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Visual KPI Event Log

When you install the Visual KPI Server, a “Transpara” event log is created in the Windows Event Journal. You can...
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Repair a Visual KPI Instance

You can repair a Visual KPI instance (website) by running the Repair Instance wizard. This wizard basically reruns the Visual...
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Visual KPI Website Components

The Visual KPI website components include the Transpara website and its associated virtual directories. With the exception of the WebService virtual...
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Understand SQL Server Security

The Visual KPI Web Service manages communications with the Visual KPI database. During installation, the Visual KPI Web Service and...
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Configure Regional Settings

When you configure Regional Settings, you specify how the Visual KPI Server will communicate with other machines, particularly regarding the location...
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Manage Visual KPI Services

You can use Visual KPI Server Manager to view and manage the status of Visual KPI services. Visual KPI services,...
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Location and Time Zone

You can set your Visual KPI websites to a regional location and time zone so that data is presented to...
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