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Visual KPI Interface Prerequisites

Before you get started connecting interfaces to Visual KPI, ensure you meet the the following prerequisites: Install Visual KPI Server...
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Supported Data Sources

Visual KPI supports thousands of data sources. Each data source requires its own interface, and the method used to read...
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Historian Interfaces

Historian interfaces include time-series data that has a starting value, ending value and successive intermediate values based on set and...
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Using Manual Data Entry Sources

Data can be collected from sources where the data is entered manually. Generally, this includes spreadsheets and forms. These are...
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JSON & XML Interfaces

You can obtain data from an Internet source or from in-house applications that can restrict access to data by using...
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SQL Interfaces

Note: The SQL interface feature is no longer available. It is included here for users that have existing SQL interfaces. Use...
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Connecting to SQL Databases

Note: The native SQL interface type is no longer available. Why? Well, a) nobody really needed it, and b) the ODBC interface...
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Using Specialized Data Sources

It is common that custodians of specialized data sources do not allow direct access to ERPs or vertical industry applications...
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Interface Security & Encryption

An interface requires security credentials configuration to access the databases. There are some best practices to follow to ensure the...
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Data Source Time Zones & Units

In many organizations, data source time zones and units vary. Data sources may be located in several different time zones...
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Working with ODBC Interfaces

You’ll use ODBC interfaces to connect to a SQL database. Use Visual KPI Server Manager to install and configure  ODBC interfaces....
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Working with OLAP Interfaces

OLAP interfaces, or Online Analytical Processing, is an older Microsoft standard for connecting to business data in multi-dimensional arrays. The...
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