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Visual KPI Security Overview

Visual KPI security is as secure as your organization’s security. We don’t require you to implement our security system, but...
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Security Inheritance in Visual KPI

Visual KPI conforms to our customers’ security model and/or requirements without any work on their (or our) part. Using standard Microsoft...
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Visual KPI Encryption

Visual KPI supports encryption in three places: Users or their browser and the Web server or website. SSL is applied...
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Enable Encryption

In IIS Manager, click the top-level in the parent directory of the Visual KPI website. On the Home panel, select...
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Enable Security in IIS Manager

Before you set up security for Visual KPI Sites, Interfaces and the Visual KPI Designer, you must enable security in...
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Decouple Directory Inheritance

To set security for each component of Virtual KPI separately, you need to decouple directory inheritance from the Visual KPI...
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Interface Security & Encryption

An interface requires security credentials configuration to access the databases. There are some best practices to follow to ensure the...
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Understand SQL Server Security

The Visual KPI Web Service manages communications with the Visual KPI database. During installation, the Visual KPI Web Service and...
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