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Visual KPI Data Visualizations

Your data, in real time, is decorated so that it’s easy to read. Visual KPI uses colorful visualizations to show...
  • 361

Group Roll-ups

Group Rollups are bar charts that give you a visual summary of how all of your KPIs in a defined...
  • 240

KPI Maps

KPI maps, if configured by your admin, show a graphical heat map of all the KPIs in the level you...
  • 323

Geo Maps

When Geo Maps are enabled by your admin in Visual KPI, you can view data on a geographical map, including...
  • 353

Visual KPI Real-time Trends

Visual KPI real-time trends are one of the most powerful features of Visual KPI. Almost everything in Visual KPI can...
  • 243

Single Group Dashboard Widget

You can customize your Dashboard by adding Single Group Dashboard Widgets. Visual KPI Single Group Dashboard Widgets include a Rollup...
  • 66

KPI Bullet Chart View

The KPI Bullet Chart view is similar to the KPI List View and Status History view, but the KPI Bullet...
  • 72

KPI Block Dashboard Widgets

KPI Block Dashboard Widgets add the possibility to display an obvious block on your Dashboard to quickly see status for...
  • 64

KPI Details View

See details of any KPI from almost anywhere in your Visual KPI site by clicking the View Details icon ()....
  • 64

Multi-Pen Managed Trends

Trends are one of the most powerful features of Visual KPI because they are so highly configurable. KPIs automatically have...
  • 82

Bar Charts

Bar charts can be used to show comparisons of data against targets and limits in either a vertical or horizontal...
  • 69

Pareto Charts

Pareto Charts can help you quickly see which of your assets are most critical and know where you need to...
  • 67

XY Plots or Scatter Charts

XY Plots, or Scatter Charts as they are sometimes called, show the relationships between two sets of data.  XY Plots...
  • 86

Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts are great for showing time-sequenced events. Gantt Charts can show you all of the elements of a project...
  • 63

Pie Charts

Pie Charts display a simple graphic that shows the relative proportions of your compared assets. Depending on how they are...
  • 68

KPI Status History View

The KPI Status History view shows you a summary and history of your best and worst KPIs at the group...
  • 77

Dashboard View

The Visual KPI Dashboard view is one you’ll use most often. Your most important KPIs live on your Visual KPI...
  • 60

Ad Hoc Trend View

The Ad Hoc Trend view, or simply Ad Hoc Trend, is a custom type of trend that you can build...
  • 52

Visual KPI Link View

You’ll find links all over Visual KPI. Visual KPI links can be configured by administrators or by Visual KPI site...
  • 73

Visual KPI Tables

Sometimes data is just meant to be shown in a table. This may be the case when data isn’t right...
  • 67

Embedded Content

Embedded content can come from any external source, such as a weather map, HMI or process graphic, live video feed,...
  • 102