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Visual KPI Data Visualizations

Your data, in real time, is decorated so that it’s easy to read. Visual KPI uses colorful visualizations to show...
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Working with Groups

When you are on the Groups tab, the roll-up visualization you see in the data area gives you an overview...
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Navigating Tables

Sometimes data is just meant to be shown in a table. This may be the case when data isn’t right...
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Status Filters

Using Status Filters you can customize Groups, KPIs, Charts or Tables you are currently viewing based on selected parameters. You...
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KPI Scorecards

Visual KPI scorecards are the fastest way to see a set of KPIs and their history on the same page....
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KPI Roll-ups

KPI roll-ups are bar charts that give you a visual summary of how all of your KPIs in a defined set...
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KPI Maps

KPI maps, if configured by your admin, show a graphical heat map of all the KPIs in the level you...
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Group Maps

Group Maps are advanced heat maps and focus on alert conditions within a group. They show the KPIs within a...
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Geo Maps

When Geo Maps are enabled by your admin in Visual KPI, you can view data on a geographical map, including...
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