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Webinar: Monitoreo Remoto de operaciones en la industria minera (español)

Dirigido a usuarios, ejecutivos y técnicos en la industria minera, para mostrar cómo puede monitorear remotamente su operaciones y tomar mejores decisiones.

Acompáñenos para conocer lo último sobre cómo Visual KPI sirve a clientes como Grupo México, Rio Tinto, FMI, Centamin Sukari, Dundee Precious Metals y otros para optimizar, visualizar y alertar sobre sus operaciones para eliminar el tiempo de inactividad no planificado, aumentar las ganancias, optimizar el mantenimiento y más.

NBN Co Launches Groundbreaking Business Satellite Service Created, Designed and Managed by Speedcast

Transpara’s Visual KPI plays a key role as the real-time monitoring front-end of the solution for Speedcast and NBN operations, management, and partners.


Sydney, Australia, Nov 7, 2019 – (ABN Newswire) – Speedcast International Ltd (ASX:SDA.AX – News) (HAM:7SC.F – News) (OTCMKTS:SPPDF – News), the world’s most trusted provider of highly-reliable, fully-managed, remote communication and IT solutions, announced today that Australian government-owned infrastructure provider NBN Co is now delivering satellite services in collaboration with Speedcast to business and government users across regional and remote parts of the country.

NBN Co’s new Business Satellite Service (BSS) leverages an extensive network designed, built and managed by Speedcast Managed Services, with access to up to 58 beams from 10 gateways, two data centres, and a network operations centre powering the company’s new high-data internet and IoT service offerings.

Speedcast NBN Managed Services

Read the full press release at

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Visual KPI Featured in QIC Video with Port of Melbourne

Visual KPI Port Monitoring Dashboards and KPIs Highlighted as Key Value Drivers for the Largest Container Port in Australiasia.

Real-time KPIs and dashboards from Transpara will monitor navigational aids including buoys and other assets throughout the port.

Want to learn more about how Port of Melbourne and others use Visual KPI to improve operations? Let’s chat.

Transpara Enters Long-Term Partnership with Speedcast to Enhance Enterprise Satellite Service Monitoring

Ten-Year Contract Will Accelerate Transpara’s Growth in Australia and the Telecommunications Industry

Speedcast NBN Managed Services

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA July 25, 2018 – Transpara LLC, the market leader in real-time operations monitoring and data visualization, today announced it has secured a 10-year contract with Speedcast International Limited (ASX: SDA) to deliver real-time reporting, dashboards and alerts for enterprise-grade satellite broadband services in Australia. Transpara’s Visual KPI software will be used by Speedcast’s wholly owned subsidiary, Speedcast Managed Services, to help deliver a complete managed service for broadband access to enterprises across Australia. The contract includes a 10-year software license and support agreement along with upfront services to integrate multiple data sources.

The deal accelerates Transpara’s expansion into the telecommunications sector, where it will bring advanced monitoring and visualization capabilities built upon its 13-year history with real-time industrial data from the energy, oil & gas, mining and manufacturing industries. Transpara’s Visual KPI software will serve as the primary front-end reporting, charting and alerting component of Speedcast’s managed satellite services for multiple partners and customers across both government and enterprises.

“We are thrilled to have been selected by Speedcast and its partners for such an important effort and are excited to play a key role in bringing satellite broadband access to businesses across Australia. This contract is an important step for Transpara as it enters the telecommunications industry in Australia and other regions,” said Robert Hylton, Co-Founder and COO of Transpara. “We look forward to working alongside the Speedcast team to deliver on their vision of reliable communications services for mission-critical applications that enterprise and government customers depend on.”

About Transpara
Founded in 2005 and headquartered in the United States, Transpara and its Visual KPI operations monitoring, KPI, dashboard and alerting software serves operationally-driven enterprises globally in industries such as energy, oil and gas, IT & data centers, telecommunications and manufacturing. Visual KPI monitors operations and other information across multiple data sources and delivers KPIs, dashboards, trends, analytics and alerts to any device. By helping teams discover problems and opportunities before it’s too late, eliminating unplanned downtime and extending the reach of their data, Visual KPI delivers improved performance, reduced operating costs and lowered business risk. Visit for more information.

More information on the opportunity can be found at the Speedcast website here:

Bayer Consumer Care AG Licenses enterprise:inmation with Visual KPI for Global Digitalization Rollout

Bayer Consumer Care AG, one of the world’s leading Consumer Health companies, has signed a global non-expiring licensing agreement to use enterprise:inmation (which includes Transpara’s Visual KPI) from inmation Software GmbH, the technology leader in the field of global real-time information management in large-scale industry.

The license agreement includes unlimited use of the software for establishing a cross-system real-time information infrastructure at all Bayer Consumer Care AG production sites across the globe. Furthermore, Bayer Consumer Care has become a member of the Product Advisory Board at inmation.

Visual KPI is embedded as the core front-end client software in enterprise:inmation for real-time operations monitoring, dashboards, reporting, KPIs, visualization and alerts.

Read the full press release at inmation’s website:

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Boehringer Ingelheim Signs Global License Agreement for enterprise:inmation including Transpara Visual KPI

Leading research-driven pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim will use Transpara’s Visual KPI as part of enterprise:inmation, an industrial information management system from inmation Software GmbH.

The license agreement will enable Boehringer Ingelheim to create uniform real-time data infrastructure at all of its production facilities around the globe. Prior to the conclusion of the contract, Boehringer Ingelheim had tested the software in an in-depth evaluation for several months. In addition, as one of the first enterprise:inmation users from the pharmaceutical industry, Boehringer Ingelheim will join the advisory board of inmation Software to help further develop the management system to continue to meet the advanced needs of the industry.

Visual KPI is embedded as the core front-end client software in enterprise:inmation for real-time operations monitoring, dashboards, reporting, KPIs, visualization and alerts.

Read the full press release at inmation’s website:

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Caso de éxito: Transpara KPI Visual en Yanacocha (Spanish)

Una demostración de Visual KPI de Transpara por Yanacocha Newmont Mining, que muestra los datos en tiempo real, la geolocalización y la cartografía, la integración con OSIsoft PI AF y más.

Yanacocha is the largest gold mine in South America, is located in the department of Cajamarca province and 800 kilometers northeast of Lima, Peru.

  • Its area of ​​operation is 45 kilometers north of Cajamarca district, between 3500 and 4100 meters above the sea.
  • With the start of operations in an area called Carachugo, Yanacocha produced its first doré bar on 7 August 1993.
  • Yanacocha was legally established in 1992 and its majority shareholder is Newmont mining in the United States.

Video Case Study: Exelon Generation & OSIsoft PI

Putting real-time data in the hands of executives, managers, engineers and IT regardless of their location or device adds up to big savings for Exelon Generation.



Exelon ( is the largest competitive US power generator, with approximately 35,000 megawatts of owned capacity. Exelon Generation, which handles fossil, renewable and hydroelectric generation chose Visual KPI from Transpara to put their OSIsoft PI System data in front of more users and on any device and it is used daily, even by the President of Generation. Click to see a recorded webinar from OSIsoft where Exelon’s Tracy Harper describes how they use Visual KPI for situational awareness, event detection, reduced downtime, and to reduce the reporting burden with executives.

Video: Exelon Generation Mobile BI Case Study with Visual KPI (Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase)


Visual KPI Value Snapshot: University of Alaska Fairbanks

Real time energy monitoring - University of Alaska Fairbanks

Real-time Access to Utilities Data Saves Resources, Saves Money

The Challenge

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) places high priority on energy conservation and sustainability. In the past, all combined heat and power data was buried in stacks of paper files, and required manual entry into spreadsheets prior to widespread sharing. UAF needed a way to make utilities data widely accessible to students, facilities staff and consultants to track usage patterns, encourage the right behavior and get real-time feedback on conservation efforts.

“Visual KPI was so easy to get going. We had data on the web in less than two hours.”

Charles Ward, Director of Utilities
University of Alaska Fairbanks

UAF’s Experience

UAF turned to Transpara’s Visual KPI real-time dashboard software to monitor and intuitively display real-time energy consumption for 40 buildings across campus. With Visual KPI, a myriad of users – from the highly technical engineer who wants to analyze every minute piece of data, to students, consultants and academic faculty and staff – can see different views of the same data as it’s happening and get instant feedback on electrical, water and heat consumption.

Visual KPI automatically reads and aggregates OSIsoft PI System data from 12 different sources (e.g. building automation, metering and power plant control systems) and displays the metrics on any web-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets and PCs. Metrics like kilowatt hours of electricity, steam output, and gallons of water can all be viewed as KPIs, trends, or alerts on any device.

In addition to providing critical operations data, Visual KPI also serves as the primary monitoring tool for UAF’s ‘pay for utilities’ model, where the university bills individual users for utilities. Visual KPI offers visibility into data that was otherwise inaccessible, allowing students to examine their usage patterns. Not only does this reduce the number of billing issues, but it also is a catalyst for changing consumer behavior.

Easy to implement and use, Visual KPI requires almost no training. It allows even the casual user at the university to look at data and ask why: Why is this building’s energy usage peaking at noon on Wednesdays? Why is the chiller cycling on and off every hour when it shouldn’t be? Why was my bill higher this month?

“Visual KPI is a way to meet all of our needs for publishing data, whether it’s for billing purposes or high-end engineering. Ultimately, it will help us lower energy usage.”

Jedediah Lowell, Electrical
Engineering Assistant
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Visual KPI’s intuitive user experience, mobile accessibility and geo-location features enable UAF users to quickly identify problem areas or best practices and make an immediate impact on consumption.

Results with Visual KPI

“Visual KPI is a window into the process that drives behavior,” said Charles Ward, Director of Utilities at UAF. “If Visual KPI helps people ask why something is behaving strangely and modify their behavior accordingly, then it will drive down energy usage and ultimately save us money.”

For people who are “visual by nature”, according to Ward, this real-time, mobile BI tool is a perfect fit for providing immediate visual feedback on energy consumption. It helps to:

  • Change behavior, thereby driving cost and resource savings;
  • Drive down energy usage;
  • Support sustainability efforts; and
  • Increase awareness for role of utilities operations at university.

What’s next?

Visual KPI has the potential to reach thousands of UAF users. In one potential use case, the university will use Visual KPI’s GeoMaps and ‘Near Me’ features to provide car owners with mobile data about parking lot capacity. By knowing how full a lot is, students will be better able to determine the availability of engine block heaters (a necessary feature that keeps car engines functioning in prolonged subzero temperatures).

Visual KPI will also enable the university to bill individual departments based on energy usage instead of lumping all academic facilities together. If the School of Engineering department could have a clear view into their power usage, “that may encourage them to shut off the lights and free up funds that can be used elsewhere,” said Ward.

About the University of Alaska Fairbanks

Mobile Energy Monitoring at University of Alaska FairbanksThe University of Alaska Fairbanks, the nation’s northernmost Land, Sea and Space Grant university and international research center, advances and disseminates knowledge through teaching, research and public service with an emphasis on Alaska, the circumpolar North and their diverse peoples.

Download a PDF version of this case study

Mobile BI Video Case Study: Alyeska Pipeline

Mobile alerts and putting OSIsoft PI data in front of more users results in millions saved.

Watch this recorded webinar to hear Darryl Hammond (former maintenance lead at Alyeska) speak about the benefits of Visual KPI for Mobile BI and the OSIsoft PI System at Alyeska Pipeline.  Note: all data is simulated.


Alyeska Pipeline Overview:

  • 800 miles long
  • 48″ diameter pipe
  • 5 pump stations
  • Marine terminal
  • Logisitics & operations centers in Valdez, Anchorage and Fairbanks
  • ~$150 million per day in oil
Results with Visual KPI:

  • Puts OSIsoft PI System data in front of more users
  • Mobile alerts allow for better OCC & maintenance alignment
  • Ability to troubleshoot before reacting
  • All staff (execs, operators, SMEs) have access to the same current data from anywhere
  • Saves hundreds of wasted trips and calling in staff off-shift (overtime, doubling, etc.)
  • Reduced risk and costs by aligning the right staff with the right issues at the right time
  • Vastly improved decision-making

Presenter: Darryl Hammond
Former Maintenance Program Lead | Alyeska Pipeline

Darryl has over 30 years of experience in the pipeline industry. His responsibilities have included operations management, facility management, planning and scheduling, metrology management, regulatory compliance, process program development, budget administration, and development of product-integration strategies and long-range best business practices.