COVID-19 Data & Dashboards

Visualize Novel Coronavirus cases, deaths, growth rates, recovery rates and testing globally.

COVID-19 Data Visualization & Analytics

Over the past several weeks, our team has spent a pile of their spare hours and weekends putting together an advanced view of the publicly available COVID-19 case and mortality data. Simply put, we think this information is critical and should be viewed in several ways that most trackers lack:

  • Growth rates and 7-day averages to track growth and recovery
  • Per-capita and density views
  • Case fatality rate (CFR)
  • Testing and hospitalization data

To start, we used the daily Johns Hopkins data (and underlying sources), but added population data and our own calculations to create KPIs, charts, and more. Next, we automated the assembly of the data so it will refresh as soon as new data is available in near real-time.

Click the button below to go to the live site. Feedback is welcome, and if you find it useful please share it!

What’s different?

CFR by Continent Trend

Trends & Patterns

Go beyond just totals to see patterns like 7-day averages of cases and deaths for any geography (to see recovery or to compare geographies). Make your own trends, scroll through time and more.

Per Capita KPI Map

Per Capita Data

To truly understand any situation, you need normalized data. Use our per-capita case and fatality rate metrics to accurately compare geographies of different sizes. Coming soon: population density data.

Drill-Down Hierarchy

Drill-Down Hierarchy

This isn’t just a dashboard. The entire globe is represented with roll-ups and the ability to drill down through all levels of the hierarchy (Groups), with KPIs and charts at every level.


Live Search

Want to immediately see a particular geography, or see a single KPI across many geographies (like case fatality rate – CFR), just search from anywhere in the site.

With a Little Help From Our Friends

Visual KPI is created and supported by amazing people in 12 cities around the world, all with deep skills, unique personalities, and a passion for customers, productivity and data.

Beyond that, our COVID-19 dashboard, data and related analytics were put together by our team with help, moral support and/or technology from the following organizations:

Data sources: Johns Hopkins CSSE, Wikipedia (population data), and more coming soon.

Contributors: PAStech, Jeylabs, Schwartz family (Sydney) and more coming soon.

Questions, feedback, or just want to help?

No conspiracy theories – just data. Contact us to learn more or help us bring better data and analytics to medical professionals and the public to raise awareness so we can end the pandemic and recover safely.