What Customers Have to Say

Why listen to us when you can hear it from real users? Below are some of the latest customer quotes and reviews of Visual KPI.

NAES Kleen Energy

“It is a superb product. I do two things in the morning: check my e-mail and look at Visual KPI to see our status.”

Bill Freddo, General Manager,
Power Plant Management Services, LLC (NAES; Kleen Energy Systems)

GAF Materials

"The plant managers look at Visual KPI before anything else in the morning."

Eddie Barnes, Sr. Control Specialist,
GAF Materials Corp

"I’ve always been impressed with the nearly plug-n-play nature of Transpara and its ability to go from the enterprise service level down to delivery on a phone."

Roy J. Pratt III, Chief Architect, Director of Technology Delivery,
Bridge Energy Group

"With Visual KPI, real-time information about our plants is only one touch away on the phone."

François Léonard, Manager, Automation & Control

NaturEner Wind Farms

"Best customer support call in the history of software! Michael's energy and expertise made my morning, afternoon and evening. I'm now ready to rock!"

Luis Wagoner,

National Grid

"We realized ROI in less than 6 months. With environmental incursions, any time we avert an incident, we save hundreds of thousands of dollars to sometimes even millions of dollars."

John Ragone, Plant Process Optimization Manager
National Grid

Exelon Power

"When members of the executive staff check Visual KPI before doing anything else in the morning, you know it’s a must-have tool!"

Steve Noel, Director of IT
Exelon Energy

Mohawk Paper

"Transpara delivered exactly as promised. We were operational in less than one hour collecting real-time information from across our enterprise. Visibility to KPIs any time, any place has taken our factory floor systems to the next level. In a matter of 5 to 10 seconds, you can focus in and know exactly what’s wrong."

Paul Stamas, VP of IT
Mohawk Fine Papers

"The out of the box functionality is intuitive and simple to use. Very powerful with lots of flexibility. One of those software packages where when you see what it can do, your mind starts racing about all of the potential opportunities. Configuration is also really slick and enables non-IT people the ability to participate in the config and implementation stages. This tool has great potential. Tim Sr. Process Engineer."

Tim Barnstable
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

"Visual KPI is a great way to put PI data into a browser. We implemented it easily, have received great support when we need it and have been thoroughly impressed with the product."

Justin Stade
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

Lilly Pharmaceuticals

"Projects can be implemented in days! Technical support has been fantastic. Transpara has been very good with incorporating new feature requests in a timely manner."

Wilfred Mascarenhas, Eli Lilly
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase


"Visual KPI is the best way to visualize OSI Soft PI data on mobile devices. The process of setting up the KPI's and scorecards is a breeze. With Visual KPI solution one can see the mission-critical data anytime live on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia or any modern mobile phone or tablet. The customer support is excellent with an amazing turn around time to resolve any issues if they ever occur."

Achal Augustine, Flowserve Corporation
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

"I totally rearranged my [OSIsoft PI AF] Element Hierarchy and Visual KPI didn’t care… Everything realigned in a matter of seconds! That’s cool!!!!"

Rich Winslow, Co-Owner
Automated Results


"Visual KPI is fantastic software for dynamic intelligent analytics, KPI aggregation and real time reporting. Visual KPI has a great KPI configuration tool which enables data analysts to set up reports and dashboards with minimal configuration and zero programming. The migration tools provided by Transpara are one of the best tools I have used for application migration. The migration process from our test servers to production server was completed in less than 20 minutes without any errors or glitches."

Achal Augustine, Flowserve Corporation
Exelon Generation

"Visual KPI is a tremendously flexible tool that allows a wide spectrum of our users to have immediate access to critical information. We continue to discover more and more things we can do with it to satisfy our internal customers."

Tracy Harper, Exelon Generation
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

NaturEner Wind Energy

"We went from a static dashboard to a mobile, dynamic dashboard in a matter of minutes"

Kenneth Young, Director of Asset Management,

National Grid

"With Visual KPI, it’s all about team collaboration and the data is as close as a cell phone – that’s awesome. Organizations can timeshare all the skill sets of subject matter experts at a fraction of the cost to have them available to you exclusively…. home run!"

John Ragone, Plant Process Optimization Manager
National Grid

Freeport McMoRan FMI

"Visual KPI is an amazingly capable data visualization solution. I use it to display data from PI System, SQL Server, and other database engines to display data from multiple applications, from multiple sites, in one place. Users enjoy the convenience and the functionality, and I enjoy the simplicity of maintenance and the capability of the query interfaces. It is the perfect complement to "printout" reporting systems (SSRS, Crystal, etc)."

Cory Demieville, Freeport McMoRan (FMI)
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

AEP American Electric Power

"Visual KPI has proven to be a critical tool in delivering a visualized alarming capability for our [OSIsoft] PI systems, enabling our operating teams to quickly assess their situational awareness of key process indicators."

Kevin Stogran, Director of Market Operations Support
American Electric Power

"Visual KPI provides a powerful solution with minimal overhead. Support for Visual KPI is where it shines, very good use of time and support is extremely knowledgeable."

Shane Derendoff, Pipeline Industry consultant
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

Dominion Energy

"My Company has been using Transpara Visual KPI for more than 3 years now. Over that period, we have grown a fabulous working relationship. The customer support is unmatched. We have implemented the Transpara solution for one of our most recent Client projects and have been able to meet and exceed their expectations using Visual KPI. As both a mobile and desktop solution, we can provide the information required to either platform with ease. The Designer Configuration Tool utilizing MS Excel has made administration of developed sites a snap, with control of nearly every imaginable configuration. As a solution developer for my Company, Visual KPI has enabled me to provide very manageable solutions that save us startup and implementation time."

Greg Kashmer, Dominion Energy
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

Rio Tinto Mining

"The addition of Visual KPI to our facility has improved the awareness of the operational status of critical equipment. On multiple occasions it has provided our facility with immediate feedback on operational issues. This immediate feedback further expedites our response to the problems and hopefully reduces unplanned downtime. The simple, lightweight nature of the Visual KPI package has also made the implementation of the software seamless. Being familiar with PI Datalink, I found the Visual KPI user interface simple and intuitive. The support has been superior. Emails and phone calls are responded to immediately. I would recommend this to any facility looking to improve the awareness of equipment status or any facility needing to closely monitor equipment run time conditions."

Nathan Maughan, Rio Tinto
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

"Visual KPI's strengths lie in its user-friendly solutions to mobile computing, ease of use & intuitive interface. Accessing data on vendor-independent mobile phone & web browsers, make this tool open to all kind of mobile users. It is quick to deploy wit minimum investment and supports multiple data sources. Visual KPI allows any time/real-time access to key operational data in form of dashboards, ad hoc reports, and scorecards & same time drill down to the most detail level of information. The Transpara team has taken out of the box approach to access location wise KPIs by integrating Google maps. This is really cool & gives an overview of plant's assets across the country/state or city. Finally, the Transpara team is very responsive, cooperative and easy to work with."

Chiranjit Daripa, Larsen & Toubro
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

National Grid Energy

"There are some 40,000 points of information available, so we have to give users only the information they want. Users tell us what they need and we set it up for them. Then they simply dial in via their cell phone, click on their links, and they’ve got it."

John Ragone, Plant Process Optimization Manager
National Grid

AEP American Electric Power

"Outstanding flexibility, unbelievably fantastic customer service, we are Transpara's most important client. Our initial implementation happened in an afternoon while enjoying the presentation. Solution support is brilliant."

Steven Mulroy, American Electric Power
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

Gray Matter Systems

"Visual KPI helps our clients get out in front of problems before they become operational upsets which has increased yield all by leveraging information within their existing systems, displaying actionable information, coupled with the ability to get Visual KPI up and running in less than 2 hours without an IT staff to do it."

Steve Varmusa, Gray Matter Systems
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

Ergon Refining

"It's stupid not to have this software."

Michael Bufkin,
Ergon Refining


"I just want to take the opportunity to tell you what a super product I think Transpara is, and to thank you for your awesome support. The whole experience with Transpara has been GREAT! I won’t hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Transpara to anyone."

Sam Eurich, Senior Business Applications Developer,

Pemex Refining

"We are in love with this software. When we were sitting with the Designer for first time, I had my team organize the tags and within 10 minutes we had them ready to present to the users. They couldn't believe that what they wanted to do for two years was achieved in 10 min. They were impressed with the speed and ease that allows you to design and configure the data in the Designer with AF."

Carlos Guevara, Head of Industrial Applications,

Genentech Roche Biotech

"I was at the base camp of Mt. Everest, and with my Blackberry, I was able to check the pH of one of my bioreactors."

Senior Engineer,

NaturEner Renewables

"We use Visual KPI for creating and displaying KPIs to our organization. These include Operational, Commercial and IT related KPIs. Our users access them on a variety of different platforms including workstations, laptops, mobile and tablet devices. Our KPIs employ several different data sources including PI data, AF Elements, PI SQL data and other SQL data. The ability to integrate all of these systems quickly and easily is a great advantage. I was able to create hundreds of KPIs related to Wind Turbine information and place them on a map in a few hours. Visual KPI provides us with an important platform for monitoring key aspects of our business at all levels."

Scott Hooper, NaturEner
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

FMI Freeport McMoRan

"Visual KPI is a great product I will recommend to any type of industry. In fact, Transpara team has proven themselves to be both open and able to expand their product to meet their customer's needs. They are always a few minutes away from a reply to emails or a phone call away. Mostly, they always have a positive answer to questions. I wish Transpara an even brighter future!!!!!"

Danny Muteb, Freeport McMoRan (FMI)
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

Western Power

"Adds value from day 1. Does not increase tag count in Pi. Great Support Team. Loved by end users!"

Julian Rouse, Western Power
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

UAF University of Alaska Fairbanks

"We got visual kpi up and running in less than two hours. The support from Transpara has been great. Product was the tool we needed to push our data to our users."

Chilkoot Ward, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

Total Oil & Gas

"Visual KPI is a great tool to easily combine real-time OSIsoft PI data with other sources and bring it to our intranet and mobile users without any development."

Francois Rogez, Total Refining
Source: OSIsoft Partner Solution Showcase

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