Can I install Visual KPI myself?

We want you to have a great experience so let us help. It’s free and there’s no sales pitch.
Let’s face it, one of the best features of the Internet is the ability to avoid real humans, and especially salespeople.  We cherish this new freedom to “try and buy without being sold to” just like you do.

So why do we insist on installing the Visual KPI free trial with you on a web meeting?

1. It's Real-Time Enterprise Software

One of the most powerful features of our software is that it lives in your environment (on-premise or cloud). You are in full control of it, from security to data access.

This allows you to share the results of your pilot with anyone in your company, on their own device, just like all of your production software (because it is, even during the trial).

2. It Uses Your Live Data

If you just want to see Visual KPI on your favorite device with demo data, go to in your favorite browser and start clicking to your heart’s content.

For the free trial we go all the way, including interfacing to your live data sources so you (and your boss) can see YOUR DATA on YOUR DEVICES.  Every deployment is a bit different and free help from an expert will save you a ton of time.


3. A Faster, Better Experience

In addition to deploying an enterprise-class server application and interfacing it with your real data and devices, you get an expert engineer (not a sales person) to walk you through it and answer all of your questions. For free.

Skipping this part would be, uh… probably not the smartest decision you ever made.


4. It Includes Training & Support

As we said before, we don’t like a sales pitch any more than you do.  That’s why our deployment assistance and training during the free trial is done with an engineer who’s only job is to make it a great experience.

They know the software, the devices and most of your data sources in detail, and you have them at your beck and call for free. We say take advantage.

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Prefer a Demo First?
Get your questions answered or a live demo (also without the sales pitch). We’ll arrange a web meeting to show you around and help you decide if Visual KPI is a good fit. If so, you can also try it with your own data for free.