Try Visual KPI Free for 30 Days

Deployed in just 90 minutes on a web meeting. Runs in your own environment with your own data source(s).

Read This First

1. Prepare Your Server

Even though we get you up and running in just 90 minutes, Visual KPI is enterprise software. Your trial system will live on your own server, VM or cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, etc.) and this needs to be prepared with some basic requirements and prerequisties before we install the software.

2. Schedule the Web Meeting

Once your server is ready we will schedule the 90-minute web meeting at your convenience. Our team doesn’t need access to the server so everything stays secure. Just join the meeting from a computer that can access the server and we will screen share until you have a running system.

3. Support For the Whole Trial

During the installation, we will check your server for the requirements and prerequisites and then install the software. Once installed, we will setup interfaces to your data sources and then create some KPIs and a dashboard. For the whole 30 days, we can have additional sessions or more training.
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Take a Closer Look
Get your questions answered or a live demo without the sales pitch. We’ll arrange a web meeting to show you around and help you decide if Visual KPI is a good fit. If so, you can also try it with your own data for free.