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Add a Link Widget to your Visual KPI Dashboard

You can add just about anything to your dashboard, even elements that don’t live in Visual KPI. Websites you reference often, links to Web-based software you need for your job, or Visual KPI dashboards that you monitor frequently.

These dashboard elements are called link widgets. Visual KPI allows you to create a widget that can sit on your Visual KPI dashboard. And just like other Visual KPI objects on your dashboard, you can move and resize link widgets as you customize your dashboard.

In the Customize Dashboard option, you’ll find two types of link widgets:

  • Dashboard Link Widget – add links to other dashboards in Visual KPI
  • Custom Link Widget – add links to just about anything
    add a dashboard link widget

Some elements you can add as a link widget:

  • Another dashboard within your profile
  • Another dashboard from another profile to which you have access
  • A link to Web-based software you may use for admin purposes
  • A link to another website you monitor frequently
  • A link to a YouTube video

If it has a URL, you can link it.

Use the Options icon () to add dashboard and custom link widgets to your dashboard.

The Dashboard Link Widget adds a link to any other Visual KPI dashboard to which you have access.

  • In the Dashboard Properties panel, click Add Dashboard Link Widget.
    add a dashboard link widget
  • In the New Dashboard Link panel that opens, customize your new dashboard widget.
    add a dashboard link widget
  • Use the pull-down menu New Dashboard Link to select the dashboard you want to link to. You’ll see a list of Profiles; click a profile to see all associated dashboards.
    add a dashboard link widget
  • Select a background color for the actual widget.
  • Select an icon using the icon selector pull-down menu.
  • Click Add.
    add a dashboard link widget

The new Dashboard Link Widget is added at the top of the dashboard. You’ll see it appear immediately in the left panel where you customize your dashboard using drag-and-drop. You can move your new widget and change its size, just like you would any other element on the dashboard.

Don’t forget to SAVE by clicking the green check mark or the green Save button below the customizer.

The Custom Link Widget, or Generic Link, adds a widget on the dashboard to just about anything you can link to with a URL.

You can use links to objects inside Visual KPI, such as trends or KPIs, but its easier to add these to the dashboard with the Add to Dashboard command within Options.

  • In the Dashboard Properties panel, click Add Custom Link Widget.
  • In the New Generic Link panel that opens, customize your new link widget.
  • Add a Name for the widget; this appears on the widget in the dashboard.
  • Copy and paste an external link into the Link URL field.
  • Choose a widget color and icon.
  • Click Add.

Now, everything works the same as the Dashboard Link Widget. You can move and resize the widget in the customizer to your left.

Don’t forget to SAVE.

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