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How Visual KPI Remote Context Server Works

The Visual KPI AF Remote Context Service (RCS) will automate Visual KPI configuration using your AF database.

Each AF element will become a Visual KPI group.

Within each AF element (Visual KPI group), each of the AF attributes will be read by the RCS and mapped as a Visual KPI attribute.

By default, your AF attributes will be mapped to a Visual KPI value. However, if the AF attribute name maps to a keyword within the general properties section of the group section, those attributes will become properties of the Visual KPI group. If the AF attribute has child attributes and those attribute names map to keywords for a KPI, trend or table, they will become Visual KPI objects (KPIs, trends, charts, tables, and links). All other attributes will become Visual KPI values.

Here is an example of a very simple AF Model:

Simple OSIsoft AF Model

By default, the Remote Context Server will create two Visual KPI groups (Plant 1 and Unit 1).  The AF attributes in Unit 1 will become Power, Temperature and Pressure values in Visual KPI.

If you add specific child attributes to these AF attributes, they will then become KPIs in Visual KPI. The next image illustrates this concept.

AF Child Attributes

Adding attributes to Unit 1 with names that match keywords for group properties will decorate the Visual KPI group with more information. In the following figure, we have added some sparkline duration properties.

AF Duration Properties

By simply pointing to your existing AF database, the Visual KPI Remote Context Server will create Visual KPI groups and values with no additional work. By adding the appropriate attributes and child attributes, you can easily create fully decorated Visual KPI Groups, KPIs, Values, Trends, Tables, and Links. Leveraging the power of AF element templates can make this very fast and easy.

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