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Aggregate Raw Data with ODBC Interface

You can use ODBC Aggregation Settings with an ODBC interface to do some math on the returned data (a bucket of data), rather than delivering the raw data. Visual KPI will return the raw data that has been queried via the interface, and then aggregate the data, based on parameters you set, before returning the data to your Visual KPI site.

Rather than seeing the raw data in your Visual KPI site, you’ll see the aggregated data.

Using this feature is nice if you don’t want to write queries in Visual KPI Designer. Aggregation Settings allows Visual KPI to do the math server side. You can still write queries in Visual KPI Designer, and you can certainly do more customization types there.

Aggregation Setting has three entities:

  • Aggregation Type tells Visual KPI what type of function to perform on the returned data.
    ODBC aggregation settings
  • Bucket Duration sets the time duration of the data returned.
  • Bucket Duration Unit set the unit of time for the duration.
    ODBC aggregations settings

For example, instead of asking for a current VALUE, or a Trend of a Value over time (queries), you could set an Aggregation Type of Average, with a duration of 30 minutes, Visual KPI will return a value that averages all of the raw data in a 30 minute period of time. Instead of getting raw data every few seconds, you would get one value every 30 minutes that averages the data returned during that duration of time.

ODBC aggregations settings

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