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Configure Visual KPI Alert Server

The Visual KPI Alert Server is the component in the Visual KPI architecture that manages notifications when your KPI data is alert status. You can configure the Alert Server using Visual KPI Server Manager. Learn more about Using the Visual KPI Alert Server.

If you prefer, you can manually configure the Visual KPI Alert Server directly in the configuration file.

Learn more

Alert Server Configuration File.

Use Visual KPI Server Manager Configure the Alert Server

  • Open Visual KPI Server Manager.
  • Expand the Services folder and select the Alert Server instance you want to configure. The detail pane displays the Alert Server’s configuration and Windows Service information.Alert Server Settings
  • You can modify any of the configuration settings that are not grayed-out.

Learn more

Visual KPI Alert Server Configuration File.

Modify Alert Services

To make changes to AlertURL, WebServiceURL, Deadband, Interval, SMTPHost, SMTPPort, and EmailFrom.

  • Double-click the setting name to select the setting’s value, or click in the setting’s cell, and enter the new value.

Modify Email Content

To make changes to EmailBody and EmailSubject.

  • Click in the cell and enter the new value, or click the down arrow to open a larger text entry field.
  • Enter text in the new field, pressing the Enter key to start a new line.
  • Press Ctrl + Enter to close the field and accept the text you have entered.

Modify the Log Level

To make changes to the LogLevel.

  •  Select an appropriate level from the list.
  • You can select ErrorsOnly, Moderate or Full.

Learn more

Configuring the Error Logging Level.

Save Alert Server Configurations

  • After making changes, click Apply. The configuration information is saved.

Restart the Service

You need to restart the Alert Server service for these changes to take effect.

  • Right-click the Alert Server and select Restart.
    Alert Server Restart

Learn more

Visual KPI Alert Notifications

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