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Configure Visual KPI Sites and Interfaces

You can use Visual KPI Server Manager to view and configure your Visual KPI sites and interfaces. Visual KPI sites, installed on the local machine only, are listed within the Visual KPI Sites folder.

If you need to review or modify Visual KPI sites that exist on a different machine, you must run the Visual KPI Server Manager on that machine.

View and Configure Sites

Inside the Sites folder, the hierarchy displays a list of installed Visual KPI sites, and the pane to the right shows details for each site. This is the same list of sites you would see in the IIS Manager Sites folder.

The detail pane displays the site’s Description, Identifier, current State, Host Header value (if any), assigned IP Address, and Port.

Web Sites Folder

When you select a site, the detail pane then displays the installed virtual directories, as well as the virtual directory’s Name, installation Path, and Version number.

Visual KPI website folder

Expand a site’s folders to display the installed components for that site. Select the Visual KPI virtual directory under the installed site to see a virtual directory’s configuration information.

Web Site Configuration Information - Visual KPI website folder

You can modify any of the configuration settings that are not grayed out.

View and Configure Interfaces

Select the Interfaces folder to view the list of installed interfaces. The detail pane displays the Interfaces’ Name, installation Path, and Version.

Interfaces List - Visual KPI website folder

Select an interface to review or modify its configuration settings. You can modify any of the configuration settings that are not grayed out.

Delete an Interface

Visual KPI will not allow you to delete an interface when you have associated data. Remove all references to the interface, such as KPIs, Charts, and Trends. Then you can delete the interface via Visual KPI Server Manager.

View Webservice Information

You can review general information for the WebEditor and WebService by selecting them. You cannot make any changes to either of these.

WebServices Information - Visual KPI website folder

Browse to Virtual KPI Sites

Right-click any of the installed Visual KPI virtual directories under the installed site and select Browse. The browser opens and displays the associated Visual KPI site.

If the site does not display, see Troubleshooting Virtual Directory Issues.

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