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Create a Visual KPI Profile

Create a Visual KPI profile and customize your Dashboard so you see only what you need.

A profile consists of custom dashboards, a bookmark bar and a watch list of important KPIs. You can edit profiles, switch between them or create new ones at any time. You can have several profiles.

To create a profile:

  • Click the Profile icon () under your company logo.
  • Click Change Profile.
    change profile
  • Select a Profile Group.

select a profile group to create a profile

Note: Depending on how your Visual KPI site is configured, you may have Private and Public profiles available. You may also have other Profile Groups available. Once you assign your profile to a group, you’ll need to select that group to see your profile in the list.

  • Name the new profile, give it a description, and Save.
    name the profile to create a profile

Now you can customize your new Dashboard by adding your most important KPIs to your Dashboard. Learn more

To switch to a different profile:

  • Click the Profile icon () under your company logo.
  • Select Change Profile, or select from a recently viewed profile.
    change profile
  • Select the appropriate Profile Group, if applicable. Your profile may live under one of these groups.
    select from a profile group to change profile
  • Select the profile you want to view.
    change profile

Next, you can select a dashboard assigned to your profile, or create a new one.

Learn more

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