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Create a Visual KPI Watchlist

Think of your Visual KPI Watchlist as those KPIs that could get your promoted or fired.

Your¬†Watchlist appears in the top bar of your Visual KPI site; it’s the orange-colored number with an icon next to it that looks like an eye.

Visual KPI watchlist

You add KPIs to your Watchlist like you add favorites to your bookmarks bar in your browser. Visual KPI tracks the KPIs in your Visual KPI Watchlist and alerts you when any of those saved KPIs are in alert condition. The number tells you how many of your watched items are in alert condition.

Visual KPI watchlist Click your Watchlist to see details of your KPIs in alert.

() You must be in List View to access the Watchlist icon.

Add a KPI to Your Visual KPI Watchlist

  • Go to the KPI you want to add to your Watchlist.
  • Click List View.
    Visual KPI watch list in list view
  • Select the KPI(s) to add to your Watchlist.
  • Click Add To Watchlist.
    Visual KPI watchlist

Your selected KPIs are added to your Visual KPI Watchlist.

Visual KPI watchlistThe number shows how many KPIs are currently in alert status.

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Bulk Add KPIs to Dashboard or Watchlist

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