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Configure Alert Templates

Define the types of alerts to be sent using Alert Templates. You can decide what type of information should be included in the alert email and the intervals at when alerts will be sent.

Alert Templates are used elsewhere in the Visual KPI Designer as pull-down menus. When you select the name of the alert template in a pull-down, all of the alert attributes assigned to that template will be applied. You can create as many Alert Templates as you want.

Open the Alert Templates worksheet.
Click the Sitewide Settings configuration icon () and select Contacts & Alerts/Alert Templates.

Visual KPI Designer sitewide settings
The Alert Templates configuration worksheet is added to the workbook. If it already exists in the workbook, the Features configuration worksheet is activated and the current configuration data is retrieved from the database and displayed.

Alert Templates Configuration Toolbar

When you select one of the Configuration menu options, a worksheet opens with the related configuration data. For each worksheet, icons appear in the toolbar that affect only the data related to the selected worksheet. 

Visual KPI Designer configure alerts

Edit Alert Defaults

Defaults are already set up for your Visual KPI site, but you can change them using the Visual KPI Designer. Change the values in any cell.

Click any of the header cells in the worksheet to get more information about each alert attribute. Learn more about Contextual Help in the Visual KPI Designer.

Show Alerts

Open a new worksheet that shows all KPIs configured with an alert.

Click the Membership of Selected Alert Templates icon () in the Alert Templates configuration toolbar.

The new worksheet shows each KPI that has an alert assigned, along with the name of the Alert Template assigned to it.

Visual KPI Designer configure alerts

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