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Configure Features Sitewide

Use the Features configuration worksheet to enable or disable specific Visual KPI features sitewide. Use Visual KPI Designer to configure features sitewide.

If there are features you don’t want to use on your Visual KPI site, you can disable them. When disabled, they completely disappear from your Visual KPI site.

Open the Configure Features worksheet.
Click the configuration icon () for sitewide settings and select Features & Config/Features.
Visual KPI Designer sitewide settings
The configure Features worksheet is added to the workbook. If it already exists in the workbook, the Features configuration worksheet is activated and the current configuration data is retrieved from the database and displayed.

Features Configuration Toolbar

When you select one of the Site Settings menu options, a worksheet opens with the related configuration data. For each worksheet, icons appear in the toolbar that affect only the data related to the selected worksheet. 

Visual KPI Designer configure features

Contextual Help

Tooltips and descriptions are designed to help you use the worksheet. For example, in the Features configuration worksheet, the descriptions give you more information about each feature.  Learn more about Contextual Help in the Visual KPI Designer.

Enable or Disable Features

By default, all Features are enabled, except for a few.

For each Value, set to TRUE to enable, or FALSE to disable.

Click the Save icon in the Features configuration toolbar.
Visual KPI Designer configure features

Features Not Enabled by Default

Enable Site Roll-Ups allows you to include roll-ups of KPIs from across all websites, not just the one associated with this worksheet. You may want to enable this if you have certain executives who need to see roll-ups of all sites company-wide. You may not want to enable this for any site that is only for operators of this one site.

Enable Object-level Security

If you want to give access at a micro level to Active Directory or security groups, you’ll want to enable this feature. You can decide which groups have access to specific objects in the Visual KPI website. For example, you may limit access to a certain group of KPIs or charts. Learn more about assigning Object-level Security for Visual KPI Websites.

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