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Configure KPI Status Options, Colors and Icons

Using Visual KPI Designer, you can configure KPI Status, setting the icons and colors for each status as it should appear in your Visual KPI site. You set the basic, default parameters in sitewide settings and then these when you configure KPI status parameters for individual KPIs.

Visual KPI Group view

Open Visual KPI Designer.

Click the Site Settings icon () to access Features & Config/KPI Status.

Visual KPI sitewide settings KPI status

The configure KPI Status worksheet is added to the workbook. If it already exists in the workbook, the KPI Status configuration worksheet is activated and the current configuration data is retrieved from the database and displayed.

KPI Status Configuration Toolbar

When you select one of the Site Settings menu options, a worksheet opens with the related configuration data. For each worksheet, icons appear in the toolbar that affect only the data related to the selected worksheet. 

The KPI Status toolbar also has a Status editor that allows you to select a custom icon for each status, edit the KPI status colors for light and dark themes, or revert to the default settings.

Note: If you click the Reset icon () in the KPI Status Configuration toolbar, all icons will revert to default. If you click the Reset icon in the editor next to an individual status, only the selected status will revert to default.

Change KPI Status Name

Some defaults have already been defined for you, but you can change anything and everything.

You can change the name of the status as it appears in your Virtual KPI site to anything you want, even another language.

  • Click the Custom Name cell.
  • Type in the name you want to appear in Visual KPI sites.

Add an Abbreviation for Mobile

  • Click the Custom Abbreviation cell.
  • Type in the abbreviation you want to appear in Visual KPI sites on mobile devices.

Add a Custom Color for each Status

You can change the color of a status two ways:

  • Enter a color HEX value in the Custom Color cell in the worksheet.
  • Click the Select Color icon () in the Status editor, and use the color picker to select a custom color.

Note: You can select a custom color for light & dark themes and then configure light & dark themes for your Visual KPI sites. Learn more

Change a Status Symbol or Icon

You can change the symbol of a status two ways:

  • Enter a Custom Icon ID in the cell in the worksheet.
  • Click the Select Icon in the Status editor, and select a new icon.

Want to see how the status icon will look on light & dark themes? You can preview icons on by clicking the sun () and moon () icons to toggle between light & dark themes.

Reset to Default Status Configuration

If you change your mind after entering custom configurations, you can click the Reset to Default icon (); everything will return to the Visual KPI defaults that came installed in your system.

Add an Alert to the Status

If you want a particular status to be an alert condition, use the Is Alert cell in the worksheet and set to TRUE. This setting works with the Visual KPI alert system to let contacts know when alerts happen.

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