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Create Alerts

Using the Visual KPI Designer, alerts can be configured to notify the appropriate person when a KPI is in a condition that needs attention. Setting up alerts is a multi-step process. You need to create status for the KPIs on your website. Then you need to apply alert parameters to the KPI. You can use Alert Templates to create several alert conditions and then apply one of the templates to the KPI.

Here’s an overview of the steps with links to how to do each step.

  1. Enable the Alert Server using Visual KPI Server Manager.
  2. In KPI Status Configuration, set Is Alert to TRUE for the status that indicates that alert notification should be sent. Learn how
  3. Configure an Alert Template. Learn how
  4. Set up Contacts. Learn how
  5. For the KPI, select an Alert Template and an Alert Contact. Learn more about configuring attributes for KPIs.

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