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Visual KPI Designer Object Toolbar

The Object Toolbar appears below the Object Types and Sitewide Settings icon. This toolbar is for working with data in the Visual KPI Designer.

Visual KPI Designer Group icons - object toolbar

The object toolbar icons change as you change worksheets. For example, when you click the Groups tab you’ll see one set of icons and you’ll see a different set when you open the Web Site configuration worksheet.

The icons that appear affect only the active worksheet.

Object Toolbar Icons

You may see any of these icons for a given worksheet:

  Create a new object: Groups, KPIs, Charts, Tables. Opens a new worksheet for each object.

  Open a Search box for the selected object. For each item found, a new row is added to the worksheet. If a found item is already open, it will NOT be added to the worksheet unless you select the Replace worksheet contents checkbox, in which case all currently listed items are removed from the worksheet and only the items matching the search criteria are listed in the worksheet.

  Save all selected objects in a worksheet. In the Visual KPI Designer, you do not save an Excel spreadsheet. You save using this icon. It will save any object rows marked with an “x”. This writes the data to the server.

Preview Preview updates ALL selected objects in a worksheet with current data from Visual KPI Server and displays them in the Preview worksheet. This can take a long time if there are many items marked in the worksheet.

  Select objects and create a Trend for your Visual KPI website. This icon only appears for Groups and KPIs.

  Membership adds a new worksheet called Membership, which displays all of the selected items and the Groups to which they belong. This can be a lengthy process if there are many items selected in the worksheet.

  Refresh updates data spreadsheet to reflect current data saved on the Visual KPI site.

 Warning! The delete icon will erase all selected objects from the spreadsheet and from the server. There is no going back, so make sure you want to delete the selected objects.

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