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Visual KPI Designer Object Types

You’ll notice the object types in the Visual KPI Designer correlate to the tabs in the Visual KPI site navigation bar:

  • Groups
  • KPIs
  • Charts
  • Tables

Visual KPI Designer object types

These are called objects in Visual KPI. You’ll use these object types in the Visual KPI Designer to configure data for each of those objects as they appear in your Visual KPI sites.

As you click each object type in the Visual KPI Designer, the object toolbar below interacts with only the selected object. Use the object types and object toolbar to configure your Visual KPI sites.

Note: Each object type opens a new worksheet in the Visual KPI Designer. For example, if you are on a KPI worksheet and click Charts to add a new chart, a new worksheet opens called Charts.

As you select the object types, the object toolbar changes, depending on what tools you need to configure that object. 


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