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Visual KPI Designer Site Settings

The Site Settings in the Visual KPI Designer allow you to change settings that affect your entire Visual KPI site. Any settings you change here are enabled sitewide.

The Site Settings icon () opens another toolset that allows you to configure all sorts of crazy things in your Visual KPI sites. Any changes you save will show up immediately in the Visual KPI site to which you are connected while editing these configurations. Users on the site will see changes you make when data refreshes.

Sitewide settings are grouped. Hover over each to see all of the site settings available.

sitewide settings Website

When you select one of the site settings options, a worksheet opens with the related configuration data. 

For each worksheet, icons appear in the toolbar that affect only the data related to the selected worksheet. Learn more about Object Types and the Object Toolbar

Learn more about each site settings worksheet:

Profiles & Dashboards

  • Profile Groups – manage profiles in groups, enable or disable access, and lock down editing capabilities
  • Profiles – define and manage Visual KPI profiles directly from the Visual KPI Designer
  • Dashboards – configure defaults and related profiles for Visual KPI Dashboards

Ranges & Dates

  • Chart Ranges – define time ranges for chart trends
  • Chart Dates – define chart names and the time represented
  • Default Ranges – define the trend ranges that will be used as the defaults for Trends and Sparklines on Visual KPI trends
  • Event Ranges – define custom ranges and actions for everything, including time ranges for data retrieval queries, database time zones, and filter settings

Contacts & Alerts

  • Contacts – create and configure the contacts that can be referenced in Visual KPI data
  • Alert Templates – define the types of alerts to be sent out, the type of information to be included in the alert e-mail, alert intervals, and other parameters

Features & Config

  • Web Site – define basic configuration information for Visual KPI sites
  • KPI Status – define custom status symbols and colors for light & dark themes on Visual KPI sites
  • Chart Colors – define custom colors for charts, including light & dark theme colors
  • Features – enable/disable the Visual KPI features


  • Interfaces – define locations and parameters of Visual KPI web services, or the database sources, that are read by Visual KPI sites
  • Attributes – define the attributes included in the KPI data definitions and their display orders
  • Languages – translate everything in Visual KPI sites to your language
  • Nav Bar Links – add links to anything and everything on the Visual KPI nav bar
  • Site Rollups – define parameters for showing rollups for a site in Visual KPI sites

Learn more

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