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Visual KPI Designer Worksheets
You’ll use Visual KPI Designer worksheets to enter data for your Visual KPI sites.

If you are using a new installation of Visual KPI Designer, you’ll notice that much of the setup has already been added for you. You can just start adding KPIs and they’ll show up immediately in your Visual KPI website.

When entering data, you can enter text much like you would in any Excel worksheet. You simply type the data into a cell.

Visual KPI Designer Worksheets

Rows in Excel represent Visual KPI items or objects. Each column represents an attribute. You enter a new KPI, for example, on a row. As you scroll along the columns, you set its attributes. This concept applies to every type of worksheet in the Visual KPI Designer. For example, if you are working on profiles, each row is a profile, and each column represents an attribute for that profile.

Contextual Help in the Visual KPI Designer

The Visual KPI Designer includes contextual help within the Excel spreadsheet. Rows, columns and cells may have tooltips or descriptions to help you understand how to configure data. Learn more about Contextual Help in Visual KPI Designer.

Selecting Active Worksheet

You’ll see tabs at the bottom of Excel showing any open worksheets. You always have a Visual KPI Designer worksheet open. This is the worksheet that opens when you open the Visual KPI Designer. It is a blank worksheet and allows you to start entering KPI data immediately. Or you can open existing data using the Visual KPI Tab Tools.

To select an active worksheet, click any worksheet tab at the bottom of Excel.

Visual KPI Designer Worksheets

Selecting Data from a Dropdown List

Sometimes you can select data from a list. When you select a cell, if it supports a selection list, it shows a drop-down arrow indicating you can select from a list.

Visual KPI Designer Worksheets

Click the drop-down arrow to display the contents of the list.

Make a selection from the list to place the text in the cell.

Visual KPI Designer Worksheets

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