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Embed Visual KPI into Other Applications

Want to embed this map into your Sharepoint portal, a website, or elsewhere? You can embed Visual KPI in other applications.

Visual KPI geo map

Using a URL, you can embed any Visual KPI page or object into any portal that supports iframes.

Copy the entire URL to embed the entire screen, including the top bar and side navigation menu. But when you just want an object, such as a geo map, or you don’t want users to navigate away from the object or navigate to other parts of your Visual KPI site, you can include the embed command in the URL.

Here’s how it works:

  • Navigate to the object you want to embed.
  • Expand the object you want to embed.
  • Copy the URL, and add embed before the question mark (?) in the URL.
    • copy the URL:…
    • add embed:…
  • Paste the new URL in your external portal or application.

You can also embed other stuff into Visual KPI from an external source.



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