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How Do We Get Hash Values for Visual KPI Installation?

If your IT governance requires absolute proof that our installation media have not been tampered with, just contact us at and we will provide the relevant MD5 or SHA checksum for any Visual KPI build you wish to validate.

Why checksums matter

MD5 (or SHA-1, SHA256, , SHA512, ccHas64) are mathematical functions that originated in the cryptography discipline. It’s a long string of digits that gets computed by reading the binary executable we make.

Learn more about MD5:

For Transpara, it’s just used as a “checksum” ( This string of digits can be posted online alongside any of our downloadable executables. You can then download the .exe file, run an MD5 (or ShA) hash checker against it and compare the string directly from our website. If they match, then you can be sure that the file you are installing is the same as the file we posted online.

A checksum guarantees that the file you are placing on your computer and trusting to run as intended has not been intercepted by some other person or company, modified to be malicious and then stealthily inserted in your network. While you can trust Transpara, you may want to verify that some other untrustworthy third party has not intercepted the files as they pass through the Internet.

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