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Group Maps

The Group Map view is similar to the KPI Map but is more advanced and gives each group its own status. They show the KPIs within a group and highlight the worst performing KPIs and those KPIs that have changed recently, based on a configurable time limit.

Visual KPI group map

In the Visual KPI Group Map, you can quickly see if any KPIs in the group are in alert condition. The bar across the top of each group in the Group Map indicates the status of the group as determined by the Group Map settings. You”ll see either the most recently changed KPI in the Group, the worst performing KPI in the Group, or any custom status set by your Visual KPI Designer admin. This way, you can quickly see if a group needs attention (based on what is happening with critical KPIs), or if all of the KPIs in the group are on target.

Visual KPI group map

To view a Group Map, click the Group Map icon ( in the toolbar.

The Group Map view is collapsible, meaning you can collapse an individual group (still showing the group status) by using the icon in the upper right of each group, or you can collapse/expand all groups in the view by clicking the same icon in the toolbar.

KPIs within a group can be locked into a position, so you always know at a glance exactly how individual KPIs are performing.

Visual KPI group map

Select and click any KPI in the Group Map to display details of the KPI above the Group Map. For example, if you see a KPI in alert, you can click to get more details.

Visual KPI group map showing details of KPI in alert

Click the KPI name again to return the selected KPI to the Group Map, or click the trend to go to the full Trend view ().

Use filters (), or any of the trend icons in the toolbar, to adjust the trend view.

Click the detailed KPI above group map to see the trend details

Note: Group Maps may or may not show up, depending on if they have been configured by your admin. Click to learn more about configuring the Group Map settings in Visual KPI.

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