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Working with Groups

When you are on the Groups tab, the roll-up visualization you see in the data area gives you an overview of what’s happening in the various groups. A status legend below the data area shows you how to read the roll-up.

groups roll-up

Roll your mouse over any status in the roll-up to see details. As you move your mouse over the various colors that represent status, you’ll see a tooltip pop up that tells you how many total KPIs are in the group, as well as how many of them are in that particular state.  

For example, if you hover over the red portion of the chart in a group called Region NE, you may see 5 High High (5%) of 107 KPIs. That means there are 107 KPIs in the group Region NE, and 5 of them are in alert condition. Of course, colors and whether or not the condition is an alert status depends on your data, targets, and limits. These formulas are all set up by your admin within the Visual KPI Designer.

Visual KPI Group view

Things You Can Do With Groups

Some of the icons you see in Groups are universal. Others only show up if they have been turned on and/or configured in the Visual KPI Designer. And still, others show up depending on what you are viewing. For example, if there is no geo map associated with a KPI, you won’t see the geo map icon.

Here are some icons and functions you may see related to Groups:

groups menu


  Filter by status or distance from where you are standing. Learn more

  Show all descendant groups: show all child items of the group you are currently viewing. 

  Only show child groups: collapse list to go to the top level of the current list you are viewing.

  View as List: this is the default view in the Group view, but you can see your data in other visualizations. 

  View as KPI Map. Learn more

  View as Group Map. Learn more

  View as Geo Map. Learn more

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