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How to share or link to a specific Dashboard?

Sometimes you need to quickly share a specific dashboard with a colleague or create a link to a dashboard for the bookmark bar or another dashboard. For most objects in Visual KPI, the URL address in your browser will work, but dashboards are a bit different:

  • Dashboards have a specific URL in your browser that looks something like this:, where “?pid-0” means “the dashboard” but not a specific dashboard. This is because Visual KPI remembers what dashboard the user was last using, or goes to the default dashboard if this is the first visit from a browser.
  • Because of the above, if you want to share a specific dashboard or get its exact URL you need to use the share button (for users) or get the dashboard ID in the Visual KPI Designer (for admins).
  • A specific dashboard link will include the ID and look like this:

You can find the URL link to a specific dashboard, KPI, or any page you are viewing via the Share button. If you are an administrator, you can also get the link to a specific dashboard from the GUID in Visual KPI Designer.

Click the Share button on the Visual KPI navigation bar to get the URL of any page you are viewing.

share url to dashboards and trends

Use Copy to Clipboard to copy and then paste the dashboard link into any application.

The Email option opens your email account with a pre-populated message that automatically includes the specific URL to the fashboard or page you are currently viewing.

Use share button to send email or find URL

In Visual KPI Designer, navigate to the Dashboard or KPI you want to link to.

Designer Dashboard settings

Find the Dashboard ID.

Designer Dashboard ID

To link to the Dashboard, use “dashboard: GUID”.

It will look something like this:


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