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Visual KPI Data Visualizations

Your data, in real time, is decorated so that it’s easy to read. Visual KPI uses colorful visualizations to show you what’s happening based on data that’s important to you.

operations dashboard

Your dashboard is personalized, and you can change it to show Visual KPI visualizations of your most important data, arranged in a way that makes sense to you.

All visualizations work on all devices, so whether you’re on a mobile, tablet or viewing your data on an extra-large monitor, you’ll see how your KPIs are performing in real time and in full color.

Visual KPI Mining Industry Demo

All visualizations work in light or dark theme. You just toggle to change the view.

All visualizations are available in multiple languages. You can even add your own.

Visual KPI uses many types of visualizations. They can be configured using Visual KPI Designer. Many can also be configured by users in Visual KPI sites. Take a look…

Group visualizations

Group visualizations include multiple KPIs or values that belong to a Group.

Group Roll-up with Drill-down
Single Group Dashboard Widget
KPI List View
KPI Bullet Chart View
KPI Status History View
KPI Map View 
Group Map View 
Group Geo Map View
KPI Geo Map View
Status Summary, Status History and Notification History

Single KPI Visualizations

KPI Block Dashboard Widgets
KPI Trend/Line Chart
KPI Status History Trend
SPC KPI Trend/Line Chart
KPI Details

Managed Visualizations

Multi-Pen Managed Trends
Bar Charts
Box Plots
Pareto Charts
XY / Scatter Plots
Gantt Charts
Pie Charts
Gauge/Dial/Speedometer Charts
Embedded Content (HTML)

Ad-Hoc Visualizations

Ad-Hoc Trend

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