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Location and Time Zone

You can set your Visual KPI websites to a regional location and time zone so that data is presented to end users in the correct regional format. Data also needs a common time zone when combining data from multiple time zones.

Regional Settings

Regional settings specify how the Visual KPI Server will communicate with other machines. When you configure regional settings, the text, numbers, dates and times used in Visual KPI Server communications will adhere to the formats you specify.

You may select from the following regions:

  • English, US
  • German, Germany
  • Spanish, Spain
  • English, Australia
  • Portuguese, Brazil
  • Spanish, Mexico
  • French, France

Time Zones

Time zones refer to the 24 global time zones. You would select a time zone as your common reference point so that any databases not in that time zone will have their time stamp data converted to the referenced time zone. If your organization operates in multiple time zones, you could select the time zone for the headquarters of your organization.

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