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Manage Your Visual KPI License Key

You can manage your Visual KPI license key in the Visual KPI Server Manager.

Visual KPI is installed, by default, using a trial version license key. A trial version of Visual KPI allow you to have a limited number of Views (2), Scorecards (2), and KPIs (10) that can be displayed on the website.

If you do not have your license key when you install Visual KPI, you can upgrade the license key later without having to reinstall the software. The license key is manually edited on the Visual KPI Server machine, using the Visual KPI Server Manager.

Contact for a license key.

Changing the Server Manager License Key

To change the Server Manager License Key:

  • Click on any of your Visual KPI instances¬†Instance Icon.
  • In the Visual KPI Instance Information panel (see image below) highlight the Trial License and type in the new license key.Licence Key filed
  • The Apply button activates. Click to Apply.

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