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Manage Visual KPI Services

You can use Visual KPI Server Manager to view and manage the status of Visual KPI services. Visual KPI services, installed on the local machine only, are listed within the System Services folder.

If you need to review or modify Visual KPI services that exist on a different machine, you must run the Visual KPI Server Manager on that machine.

Visual KPI Server Manager maintains various services for the application, including:

  • Domain Services: Active Directory Domain Services for maintaining users and other application services.
  • Alert Services: Sends alert notifications about KPIs to recipients. See Configuring KPI Alert Notifications.
  • The Visual KPI Cache Server caches data as it is accessed, resulting in a significant increase in access/Web calls performance after it has run the first time. The Visual KPI Cache Server runs as a Windows service.

Open Visual KPI Server Manager.

  • Expand the System Services folder. Each of the locally installed Services is listed in the hierarchy. The detail pane includes the service’s Name, current Status, Startup Type, Version and Path to the service’s executable.

Server Manager - Visual KPI Services

  • Select one of the services in the list. The detail pane displays the Windows Service information, as well as the configuration information for each service.

Server Manager - Visual KPI Services - Alert Server Service

You can modify any of the configuration settings that are not grayed out.

  • Double-click the setting name to select the setting’s value, or click in the setting’s cell, and enter the new value.
  • After making changes, click Apply. The configuration information is saved.

You can control the Services by right-clicking and selecting Start, Stop, Restart or Refresh.

Server Manager Control Service to Start, Stop, or Pause


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