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Multi-KPI Charts and Trends

When you want to compare KPIs, it’s as easy as selecting KPIs to create multi-KPI charts and trends. This feature allows you to select multiple KPIs and view them as a trend, bar chart, pareto chart or pie chart.

From any KPI list view, click the Select KPI icon .

select multi-KPI charts and trends

Select multiple KPIs by clicking the box to the left of any KPI in the list.

select multi-KPI charts and trends

From the sub-menu, select the trend icon or type of chart to view.

select multi-KPI charts and trends

The multi-KPI charts and trends feature provides four different ways to compare and visualize the same data. In the example below, we’ve compared temperature data from 5 sources.

multi-KPI temperature

Multi-KPI Temperature Trend

multi-KPI trend

Multi-KPI Temperature Bar Chart

multi-KPI bar chart

Multi-KPI Temperature Pareto Chart

multi-KPI pareto chart

Multi-KPI Temperature Pie Chart
multi-KPI pie chart

Regardless of the trend or chart type you select and view, you can use the menu in the new view to select any of the other trend or chart types to see another visualization.

multi-KPI trend

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Enroll in the Visual KPI End-User Training and watch our video about Trends and all the ways you can view data in a trend.


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