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Navigating Charts

Charts show data as it relates to its defined limits. Visual KPI uses color to show status, and the chart includes marks for the target value, high and low limits, and so on. Visual KPI uses many chart types to visualize data in ways that make sense to you. A trend is actually just another chart with defined limits.

The Charts tab (on the Visual KPI navigation bar displays any charts that are available at the group level you are currently viewing.

For example, if there are charts in the top-level Home Group, you’ll see all charts at that level. If you drill down into a sub-group, you’ll see only charts for that sub-group, if any charts exist in that sub-group. (See Navigating Groups for more on how groups work.)

Note: Not all Groups have charts. If there are no charts in the group you are viewing, (or its child groups), the Charts tab will disappear. If the Charts tab is grayed out, there are charts in child groups. You can click the grayed-out tab to see all Charts within child groups.

The Chart list view shows you the chart name, the type of chart, a mini visualization of the chart, and a description of the chart.

Filter, Sort & Select Chart Options

The list view shows charts sorted by chart type. But you can filter and sort charts and even select options based on the data that interests you.

Use the Filters icon (to filter charts by status.

Use the Options icon (in the Charts menu to filter charts by attributes.

Then Use the sort icon (to sort the data.

Learn more about Status Filters.

View Charts for All Groups

The quickest way to see all charts available in your Visual KPI website is to click the Home icon (). This will take you to the top-level group. If there are any charts at the Home level, you can click the Charts tab () to see them. If the Charts tab is grayed out, there are no charts at the Home level, but there are charts in child groups.

To drill down further and see charts for all descendant groups, click the Show Charts for this group and all child groups icon ().

View Charts for a Specific Group

You can click the Home icon and drill down until you find the group you want to view. Then click the Charts tab. Remember, if the Charts tab is grayed out in any group, there are no charts at that level, but there are some charts within child groups.

View a Specific Chart

Anytime you are in the Charts tab, you can click on a chart in the list to view the chart in the full data panel. You’ll then see a menu that allows you to interact with the chart or change the parameters. 

Note: The menu will change, depending on the type of chart you are viewing.

Use your mouse to scroll over the chart and see values or other information associated with the chart. This additional information appears as a tooltip as you move your mouse over the elements in the chart.

navigating charts


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