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Before You Install Visual KPI Server: Prerequisites and Permissions

The KPI Server Manager allows you to install and configure the Visual KPI Server. When you download and install the Visual KPI Server, the Server Manager is installed at the same time.

Ideally, you should install the Visual KPI Server on a Windows Server 2012 R2 running in a virtual machine.

Getting your machine ready

Before you can install the Visual KPI Server and Server Manager, you’ll need to confirm you have the prerequisites installed and the correct permissions enabled.

Please don’t skip this step. Once your machine is ready to go, the Visual KPI Server installation will take mere seconds. Otherwise, you’ll have to stop, get your machine ready, and start again.

Prerequisites and permissions required

  • Confirm .NET 4.5.2 or newer is installed.  Learn more
  • Check for the required Windows Server Manager roles and permissions. Learn more
  • Confirm Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is installed locally or on the network with permissions set to “adminsecurity” or better. Learn More
  • Confirm that the correct .NET framework is enabled in IIS. Learn more

Watch the video to see how to set up your machine before you start the Visual KPI Server install. Click the links above for detailed instructions on how to check each requirement.

Check that all of the prerequisites and permissions related to roles are correct to allow you to install Visual KPI quickly and without interruption.

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