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Visual KPI Real-time Trends

Visual KPI real-time trends are one of the most powerful features of Visual KPI. Almost everything in Visual KPI can be viewed as a trend.

Visual KPI alert trend

We all know that KPIs are more than just data. The Trend view shows a real-time trend of that value. Viewing a trend historically can show you where problems started. 

Trends, also known as line charts, are great for visualizing historical and time-stamped data. Whether you want to view trends for temperatures, vibrations, download speeds, or just about anything else, you can create trends in Visual KPI.

Trends can be configured in Visual KPI Designer or created on the fly by users in your Visual KPI sites.

In your Visual KPI sites, you can visualize trends for individual KPIs or select up to 20 individual KPIs to view and compare as trends. With trends, you can compare multiple values, or the same value, at different times. And as with all KPIs, you can see the trend change in real time as the data changes.

Trends are highly configurable. You can go back as far as data exists, define and customize time ranges and more. You can even define custom, ad-hoc trends right from your device and add them to your Dashboard. 

Visual KPI real-time trends

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Enroll in the Visual KPI End-User Training and watch our video about all the cool things you can do with Trends.

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