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Working with a REST (JSON) Interface

Use a JSON (REST) interface when connecting to restful databases.

The JSON interface is made up of a base address and a request URI that return a JSON or XML result. If the result is XML, it gets converted into JSON.

The base address and URI can both be parameterized.

How it Works

Keep in mind the following general rules when setting up a JSON interface:

  • The Request URI specifies the Base Address and Date Time Format to traverse the JSON object and retrieve values and timestamps.
  • The base address contains the URL to the database API.
  • The Base Address establishes a connection to the dataset.
  • The Date Time Format establish the format for the TimeStamp values.

Using Visual KPI Server Manager to Set Up JSON Interfaces

To use the Visual KPI JSON interface, you need to specify the connection parameters for your database and configure REQUEST URI with the Base Address and Timestamp field.

Visual KPI Server Manager allows you to make these changes to the JSON interface during installation. Should you need to modify the connection parameters after the interface has been installed, use Visual KPI Server Manager to make the changes. 

If you want to test the JSON interface before you connect it to your live database, you can create and work with the SQL Demo database.

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