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Add Records to the SQL Server Demo Database

The sample SQL database (SQLDemo) includes 120,000 records. You can reference these lookups in KPI definitions, or you can add your own.

To add your own records:

  • In SQL Server, open the SQLDemo database and expand its Tables folder.
  • Right-click the SampleData table and select Open Table. In the right pane, the contents of the table are displayed in rows and columns. Each row represents a tag name and value combination.
  • To enter a new record, click the Move Last button (>|).
  • Place your cursor in the Lookup column in the next row (the row header includes an asterisk).
  • Enter a tag name in the LookUp field, a value in the Value field, and a date and time in the lupd field.
  • Move to another row. (The data is committed, but may not be visible until you re-execute the SQL.)
  • The pkid field is automatically filled in with data.

Continue adding values until you are satisfied you have enough sample data.

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