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Set Asset Service Status

Use the Service attribute to indicate if the KPI is in service or not. You can set up Service attributes in the Configure Attributes menu. You can set multiple service options, or just set TRUE and FALSE.

Visual KPI Designer in service
If you want Visual KPI to determine at run-time if the KPI is in service, you can use a tag name or an attribute formula. If you use a tag name for the Service attribute, you need to specify the interface in the In Service Interface column. Any non-zero value for Service indicates the KPI is in service.

Set Asset to Not in Service

If you have several KPIs associated with a single piece of equipment, you obviously want Visual KPI to show all of the KPIs behaving normally with a status for each.

But what if a piece of equipment is OFF? You don’t want to receive alerts, alarms, bells and whistles telling you the machine is not working properly.

In Visual KPI Designer, you can create an Override status of Not in Service and make it active, then set the Alert Template in use to have NO ALERTS for the state Not in Service.
Place this condition tag in the In Service column of the KPI.

  • When this value is 0 or False, the state of the pump will be Not in Service.
  • When this value is non-zero or True, the state of the pump will be In Service.

Not in Service overrides the normal KPI Status.  When the pump is Not in Service all normal Status calculations are ignored.  When the pump is In Service, then the Status calculations of High and Low behave normally.


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