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SQL Interfaces

Note: The SQL interface feature is no longer available. It is included here for users that have existing SQL interfaces. Use ODBC interfaces instead.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a special programming language for managing relational databases (ODBC/OLEDB, SQL). It is used to query the data that is organized into tables and subtables.

Even though SQL is a standard and these databases interact via standard methods (like ODBC), there are often variations in the syntax these interfaces use for queries.

ODBC Databases

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) refers to a standard application programming interface (API) for accessing a SQL database management system. This is a mature standard and is used by almost all relational databases.

OLEDB Databases

Object Linking and Embedding, Database (OLEDB) is a deprecated Microsoft API that allows access to any data from a variety of sources in a common way. OLEDB uses the Component Object Model. OLEDB was originally designed to replace ODBC but is no longer supported by Microsoft (but still used with some data sources).

Note: Visual KPI also allows a direct, or native, SQL Server interface, but it is only used in special circumstances. ODBC is preferred for 99% of all connections to SQL data sources. Please contact us at if you need more information about SQL interfaces.

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