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SQL Remote Context Service

You can create a Remote Context Service (RCS) connection to any SQL data source. You will require ODBC access (with appropriate read-level permissions).

Each object in the system will require an identifier (string, GUID, Int) that is consistent and unique amongst its object type (KPI, Group, Trend, Etc.) which will act as the mapping between the foreign system and Visual KPI (see links to reference tables below).

Note: if this ID changes in the foreign system, a new object will be created in Visual KPI and the old object will be deleted.

Every definition query (KPI, Group, Chart, Etc.) must return a column called “METAID” with this unique value.

For a complete listing of supported attributes for each RCS (including SQL and others), please see the following articles:

Transpara is happy to assist you with your RCS queries. Just contact support at for assistance.

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