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Using Status Filters you can customize Groups, KPIs, Charts or Tables you are currently viewing based on selected parameters. You can select filters to show only those objects with a specified status.

Use the Filters icon (to change the parameters of the object you are currently viewing.

The status filters available will vary depending on a number of factors:

  • The page you are viewing. Filter options may vary in Groups, KPIs, Charts, and Tables.
  • The configuration in the Visual KPI Designer. Your Visual KPI admin configures filters based on your organization’s needs.

The Filter icon turns red ( ) when you have filters on.

For example, let’s say you only want to see groups that have some KPIs in the alert condition. You could filter to show only groups with a certain status, such as High, or whatever status type your Visual KPI uses.

status filters

Note: Status Filters only show those assets under the currently viewed Group(s).

Select status filters

Depending on your site configuration, all status filters may be checked by default. You can click the Status Filters field to uncheck all, then select only the status filters you want.

  • Click the Status Filter icon
  • Select filters
  • Click Apply

Watch this animation to see how. (You can zoom in on your screen to get a better view.)

status filters animated gif

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