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Status Summary, Status History and Notification History

Visual KPI shows you a summary and history of your best and worst KPIs at the group level. Status Summary, Status History and Notification History allow you to track over time the history of KPIs in alert and when alert notifications have been sent.

status summary view

You can see Status for the entire group as a pareto chart, and then get more details for individual KPIs. The Status History Chart icon () shows a list view of all KPIs in a group, with status.

Get more details using Status Summary, Status History and Notification History view. All are available for any group of KPIs, including ad-hoc groups. You can adjust the time range to see a summary or history over a given time range. You can even scroll back in time, and forward if data exists beyond the default time range.

Status Summary

For any group of KPIs, retrieve a list of KPIs that displays relative performance over the time period defined. The pareto chart shows which KPIs are the worst performing as a percentage of the total. Move your mouse over a KPI in the chart to see a value.

Visual KPI status summary time-in-state

Status History

This view shows you the relative performance of the selected KPIs grouped into the various status options (for example, what percentage of KPIs were in a “high” state during this period). Move your mouse over each bar in the chart to see the status name and a value.

status history alert count

Switch between alert count or time-in-state

For Status Summary and Status History view, you can switch between alert count and time-in-state.

First, select the Status Summary icon (), or the Status History icon (), then:

  • Use the Alert Count or Status Count icons () to see how many times the KPIs have been in an alert state over the defined time period (for Status Summary) or how many times a KPI has reached a particular status over time (for Status History).
    Visual KPI summary status alert count
  • Use the Time-in-State icon () to see how much time a KPI spent in an alert state (for Status Summary) or in a status state (for Status History only).
    Visual KPI summary status time-in-state

Click any KPI in the Pareto chart to see a trend over time and a list view below the trend.

Visual KPI status summary

Notification History

For any group, see how many times notifications have been sent for the KPI(s) in alert status. Click the Notification History icon ().

The pareto chart also shows the performance of each KPI relative to the others in the group (and as a % of total).

Visual KPI notification history

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