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Troubleshoot Virtual Directory and SQL Server Connection

If you receive an error page when trying to verify the SQL Server connection, verify the following issues have been addressed.

Verify virtual directory properties are set properly

In the IIS Manager window, right-click the virtual directory, and select Properties. Verify the following:

  • In the Virtual Directory tab, verify the Local path is directed at the correct folder (example: C:\Program Files\Transpara\VisualKPI\VisualKPI3.1\Interfaces\ODBC).
  • In the Virtual Directory tab, verify the Application pool is set to one of the following application pool names:

Application Pool ID

Components Assigned


Visual KPI web site, Visual KPI Web Editor


Visual KPI interfaces


Visual KPI Web Service

  • In the Directory Security tab, click the Authentication and access control Edit button. The Authentication Methods dialog displays. Ensure that Enable anonymous access is NOT selected and that Integrated Windows authentication IS selected. Click OK to return to the Properties dialog.
  • In the ASP.NET tab, click the Edit Configuration button. In the ASP.NET Configuration Settings General tab, ensure that you have the correct Connection Parameters and Application Settings parameters.

Verify ASP.NET 2.0 is set to Allowed

  • In the IIS Manager window, select the Web Service Extensions folder. The Web Service Extensions list displays in the right-hand side pane of the IIS window.
  • Right-click the ASP.NET v2.0.x Web Service Extension, if it does NOT have a Status of Allowed, and select Allow. The ASP.NET v2.0.x Web Service Extension must be allowed.

Set Logging to 100 and check contents of the Transpara Event log

  • Change the Error Logging Level for the virtual directory. Refer to Configuring the Error Logging Level or details.
  • Attempt to open the web page for the virtual directory again.
    • If the there is an error on the page, open the Administrative Tools window, and double-click the Event Viewer icon.
    • In the Event Viewer window, select the Transpara event log.
    • Review the Transpara event log for errors that have a source of Visual KPI Server.

If you are still receiving an error, contact Transpara Support


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