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Visual KPI Alert Notifications

When something goes wrong, you and others need to know right away. In other words, Visual KPI needs to be smart enough to tell users when they should pay attention, and where they should be looking in the software.

Visual KPI alert notifications are sent to your email when any of your KPIs need attention.

Visual KPI Designer alert emails

Visual KPI Alerts are based on the status of the KPI and are configurable in many ways:

  • Alert templates: defines reusable alert scenarios, including when to send notifications and/or reminders (unique to each status), time-in-state, escalations (notifying different sets of users for each status), how much detail to include in the notification, etc.
  • Contacts: Three levels of contacts for each KPI (contacts can be individual users, groups of users or a mixture of both).
  • Notification Type: Visual KPI currently supports email notifications, but SMS will also be available in the near future. (Contact us if you are interested.)

In addition to telling you which KPI is being alerted on and why, every notification includes a link back to Visual KPI (the big, green button). Specifically, this link takes you to a live trend of the KPI that is marked with the exact moment the alert took place. This lets you also see what happened leading up to the event, and what’s happened since (regardless of when you click the link).

Visual KPI real-time trends

Alerts are also pre-formatted for both mobile and desktop email clients so you always get the latest regardless of your location or device.

Visual KPI alert trend

Learn more

Configuring the Visual KPI Alert Server (Visual KPI Server Manager)

Create Alerts

Enroll in the Visual KPI End-User Training and watch our video about Alerts.

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