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Install New Visual KPI Demo Data

If this is your first time using Visual KPI, you can install our Visual KPI demo data site, fully configured with sample data. Then you can use our data configurations as examples for configuring your own data.

Visual KPI demo data

To install Visual KPI demo data:

  • Install Visual KPI Server Manager from
  • When you’re asked if you want to install demo data, select yes.
    Visual KPI demo data

Visual KPI will build a group called Demos/Manufacturing demo complete with data, generated on your server.

View Demo Data in Visual KPI Designer

When you install and open  Visual KPI Designer, you can see the demo data installed on your server. You’ll find a group called Demos under the Home group. Inside the Demos group, you’ll find the Manufacturing demo data and sub-groups, each containing sample KPIs, tables or charts.

View Visual KPI Demo Data by Group

Install Visual KPI Designer and connect to your new Visual KPI instance

  • Select the Groups tab.
  • Open Groups (), and select KPI/Search By Group.
  • Expand the Home group, the Demos group and Manufacturing group. You’ll see all of the groups installed as demo data.
  • Click OK to open the groups in a new tab.
  • You can also search KPIs By Group and see the same.

View All Demo Data KPIs

  • Open KPIs, and select KPI Search/Simple.
  • With the asterisk. in the search field, click OK.

Visual KPI demo data

The KPIs open in a new tab.

You can also open sample data for Charts and Tables.

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